Planning Life Around The “New Normal”

Covid-19 has changed the lives of many creating loss, financial stress, life unbalance, job instability worries and many other issues. Most of us have had to change our daily lives and the way we move and interact with the world. It is almost rare to visit a grocery store and see someone without a face mask or experiencing that you need to use telemental health to speak to your doctor before setting a physical appointment. Business parking lots are empty, parks are closed, and the internet has become the platform for children’s education. Nonetheless, this has become the world’s “new normal”. So how do you mentally maneuver through this untimely and unexpected transition? Experts today are not yet able to provide much information on an end date to the coronavirus and your anxiety may be increasing daily with the constant uncertainty.
How do you plan your life around Covid-19? The answer may not be as simple but an adjustment. We as people have to rely on focusing more on the factors of what we have control over versus what we do not. It is typically a battle for most people when we lose control or structure in our lives. We are witnessing this even more now than ever which can be the result of why many people are experiencing such troubles with transitioning and isolation. The greatest way to plan your life is to focus on what makes you and your loved ones safe. Continue to keep following the basic recommendations from the CDC such as washing your hands for 20 seconds, wearing protective face masks when around others and social distancing. This is a time where you have to become more creative and safe when implementing your past routines. You may not be able to control the longevity of this pandemic but you can control your decisions, protecting yourself and your loved ones.


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