Thrive Counseling provides therapeutic support services to children (3-12), adolescents (13-17), parents, families, and groups. We are a child-specialty private practice in Kennesaw, GA, conveniently located just off Highway 41, dedicated to all issues facing today’s children & teens. Our focus is helping our clients tap into their creativity to communicate feelings, gain coping skills, learn anger management strategies, reduce anxiety, improve social skills, enhance relationships, and increase self-esteem.

What services does Thrive Offer?

Play therapy, child/teen counseling, group therapy, family counseling and parenting support (filial therapy) provide our clients a safe place to work through feelings and concerns, and in time, both children and adults emerge more resilient and with better coping skills.

What types of “tough stuff” can Counseling help address?

Our clients work with their Thrive Therapists to identify and resolve a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression & Mood
  • Anger
  • Grief & Loss
  • Body Image & Eating Disorders
  • Divorce & Family dissolution
  • Trauma / Abuse /Neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Self-Harm & Cutting
  • Bullying & Friendship Challenges
  • ADHD
  • Parent-Child relationships
  • Self-Esteem
  • Social Skills development
  • Other Behavioral issues

Our therapists also work with clients who do not have a diagnosis but would benefit from gaining coping skills for dealing with life’s stressors.

What makes us different than all the other counseling practices out there?

At Thrive Counseling, we take a creative approach to our work with clients so that kids WANT to come learn alternative ways for dealing with “tough stuff.” We integrate your child’s interests and strengths, such as play/therapeutic games, music, art, dance, reading, creative writing, and so on, into sessions as a way to connect with your child and support the counseling process. All of our Thrive Therapists are individually selected for their extensive backgrounds in child development and knowledge of expressive arts modalities (the mediums which works best for our younger clients). Our approach to clients is always child-centered and family focused. Thrive Counseling supports you in wanting the best for your family and looks forward to helping you achieve your goals. Please visit our website to learn more about all the ways we are supporting children and families! www.thrivecounselingcenter.com.

Why Blog?

Thank you for visiting our Blog! At Thrive, we are always looking for ways to connect and support families. It is our hope that this blog provides a platform for support and collaboration.

We understand the unique challenges that are faced in being and raising a child in the new millennium. We know that kids and teens have major stress and pressures that exist in their lives, sometimes which cause difficult feelings which are VERY hard to share. We also know what keeps parents up at night, what they worry about and that above all else – that they care. And we know families need resources and quick information to help deal with concerns to help them know they are doing ok.

That’s why Thrive Counseling has created this blog site for you. Here you will find resources you need, articles and ideas to improve your communication, lighthearted humor, information to keep your child “on track” to THRIVING, and most importantly, a community of caring professionals who “get it.”


Here are our intention for our Blog:

  1. Discover more about Thrive Counseling and our background working with young people and the supportive adults in their lives.
  2. Discover valuable resources and tools for you
  3. Learn about the various Thrive Counseling programs and services.
  4. Provide some lighthearted humor and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

Happy Blogging!!!!

The Thrive Therapy Team



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